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Basketball Arena - Flick 3D


Learn about Basketball Arena - Flick 3D

Introductory opening

Basketball Arena - Flick 3D is an online basketball game with 3D graphics. Challenge your opponents to 1v1 matches for the top spot on the leaderboard. In this online basketball game, swipe the ball towards the hoop to score points and compete against other players in 1v1 matches. As you score points, you'll earn XP which will increase your global level and unlock 16 colorful ball skins. The higher your level, the higher the global score multiplier, which increases by x1 every time you make a perfect dunk and set the ball or basket on fire.

There are three different game modes: Time Trial, Endless, and Practice. Time Trial mode starts with a 30-second timer and every perfect dunk adds 2 seconds to the timer. Making a perfect dunk while the basket is on fire adds 3 seconds. The endless mode gives you three lives and adds a new life for every 15 dunks in a row. Practice mode allows you to practice without any timer or lives. In order not to be interrupted on the way to conquering basketball, start now with Basket Random to have the exciting experience of playing ball with your friends.

The rules

Challenge your opponents in 1v1 online basketball matches and score higher to make your way up the online leaderboards. In Time Trial mode, the game starts with a timer of 30 seconds. Every perfect dunk adds 2 seconds, and every perfect dunk while the basket is on fire adds 3 seconds. In Endless mode, you have 3 lives, and a new life is added for every 15 dunks in a row. The game is over when there are no lives left.

Game Modes in Basketball Arena - Flick 3D

Practice Mode

Practice mode is available for players who want to improve their skills without any pressure from a timer or lives. Choose from 16 colorful balls and take your basketball skills to the next level. This mode allows players to focus solely on their shots and try out new techniques without the fear of losing or running out of time. It's a great way to hone your skills and get better at the game before jumping into the more challenging modes.

Time Trial mode

In Time Trial mode, you'll have 30 seconds on the clock to score as many points as possible. But don't worry, every time you make a perfect dunk, you'll earn an additional 2 seconds. And if you can manage to make a perfect dunk while the basket is on fire, you'll earn an even bigger bonus of 3 extra seconds. Keep the clock running and rack up the points in this fast-paced mode!

Endless Mode

Test your skills and see how far you can go in this never-ending basketball challenge. You have three lives to start with, and a new life is added for every 15 consecutive dunks you make. Keep scoring and stay alive as long as possible! But be careful, if you miss a shot and lose all your lives, the game is over. Can you beat your high score and climb up the leaderboards?