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Baseball 9


Baseball 9 is a baseball simulation sports video game. The game focuses on basic baseball operations such as pitching, hitting, and catching.

How to play Baseball 9?

  • You can customize your players by changing their faces, body types, and even their equipment. You can also change the team name, choose a unique symbol for your team, and choose beautiful costumes to make a difference from other teams on the football field.
  • When starting the match, you need to clearly understand your goal. Try to score a higher number of runs than the opposing team. You will take turns hitting the ball and blocking, trying your best to overcome your opponent. It all depends on skill, strategy, and a little luck!
  • When it's your turn to bat, keep an eye on the pitcher. Tap the screen at the perfect time to swing the club. When you're on the field, you're the pitcher. Tap the pitch button and choose from different pitches like fastball, slider, or changeup. Make those pitches count by aiming for the strike zone. Your runner is on the move. Swipe the screen to guide them in the right direction.
  • As you progress in the game, you can recruit new players and make your team even better. Use recruiting tickets to acquire new talent, upgrade player stats, and watch your team become baseball legends.

Tournaments and championships

Challenge yourself by competing in different tournaments such as Bronze, Silver, Masters, Champions, Legends, and World. Win games to climb the rankings and reach higher tiers. Regular season games and playoffs await you - aim for those championships and show the world you're a professional baseball player!