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Barbie Super Cake Shop


About Barbie Super Cake Shop

Welcome to Barbie Super Cake Shop! In this game you will become the proud owner of a pastry shop. Mix ingredients skillfully to create delicious cakes. This game is a dream come true for cake enthusiasts, especially those who love the art of cake-making. No need for ovens in this virtual bakery, your expertise lies in choosing the right ingredients. Whether it's a multi-layered confection or a simple cookie, your goal is to impress your customers with swift decision-making and impeccable service.

Crafting the Perfect Cake for Your Clients

Let's dive into the steps of cake-making in Barbie Super Cake Shop. While it may take some time initially to complete a cake, as you familiarize yourself with the ingredient placements, you'll become a true master of the game.

Take customers' orders

Customers will place orders for different types of cakes, each with its unique recipe. Click on the cake to reveal the required ingredients. Take note of the recipe and memorize it. If needed, you can always refer back to the recipe for a quick refresher.

Selecting the Ingredients

The ingredients are conveniently organized into different sections. Once you've grasped the cake's recipe, carefully choose the corresponding ingredients from the available options. Once you have all the required ingredients, click the OK button to serve your customers promptly.