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Badminton Brawl


Badminton Brawl is an extremely attractive badminton sports game. You will fight against other players. Try to beat your opponents with your badminton skills.

Instructions for playing bridge

  • When you start participating in the game, you can choose the characters in the game according to your preferences from gender, skin color, hairstyle, or outfit. Choose a character you like the most and start the fierce match.
  • Next, you can choose the game mode to compete or practice with AI. If you have never played this type of badminton before, you should play practice mode to master it and then play competition mode. When playing, you can also set your own powers such as Super Smash, Illusion, Time Slow, and Speed Burst. Each power will have different characteristics and features giving you new experiences.
  • To hit the bridge, players need to touch and hold the screen. Players need to touch and drag the screen to control their athlete to move and hit the shuttlecock. The shuttlecock will be hit in the direction the player pulls towards the target.

Control keys

  • Use arrows or the AD key to move.
  • Press L to start the game.
  • Use keys L, J, and K to hit the ball.

Game mode

Training mode

In this mode, you can practice with AI to understand how to play, use the keys flexibly, and move easily when the ball flies high, low, far, or near. When you feel proficient, you can join Match mode.

Match mode

In this mode, you will compete with players in many countries around the world at random. This means you will have to use your learning skills firmly to defeat your opponents. In each match, whoever gets 5 balls first will be the winner.