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Bad Time Simulator


Your target is Bad Time Simulator

Bad Time Simulator is a video game that simulates fighting boss Sans in a turn-based battle, using actions such as attack, defense, items, and compassion. Your goal is to protect your heart from enemy attacks while trying to defeat Sans with terrible power. As you navigate the game, you'll encounter the unique "Bad Time" soundtrack, which features music inspired by Megalovania and Monty on the Run. This captivating soundtrack adds to the overall experience and sets the tone for the challenging battles ahead.

Attractive gameplay

Sans character

Sans is a laid-back skeleton character in the game Undertale. Despite his friendly appearance, Sans possesses terrifying power and serves as a formidable final boss. He unleashes a variety of attacks, including bone manipulation, deadly lasers, and more, all aimed at defeating you.

Soul modes

You need to master the different soul modes and predict Sans's attacks. Your heart appears in two modes: blue soul mode and red soul mode. In blue soul mode, you can control gravity, allowing chromatic movement based on joystick input. In red soul mode, your heart can float and move easily in any direction.

Use leverage

Sans uses a variety of attacks throughout the game, including Dragon Skulls, Psychokinesis, and Bone Attack. Dragon Skulls release beams of white light, Psychokinesis allows Sans to control your soul, and Bone Attack sends a barrage of bones towards you. Each attack presents a unique challenge that tests your reflexes and strategic thinking.