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Bad Soccer Manager


Become a good manager in Bad Soccer Manager

Welcome to the thrilling world of Bad Soccer Manager. You will take on the role of team manager to help the team achieve excellent results in every match. Your mission is to nurture and develop a small team into a powerful force. As a manager, your first task is to collect top ammunition for your team, including buying skilled players. Once equipped, your team will compete in a series of matches. You are responsible for leading your players skillfully, pasting the defenders of the opposing team, and seizing the opportunity to make shots towards the goal. A well-intentioned shot will lead to a glorious goal. Winning each match yields financial rewards, which can be used to further enhance your team's growth. Continue to conquer more exciting sports games in Basket Random and don't forget to invite your friends to double the fun.

Learn how to manage a team

Before each match

Engage in different activities to boost your team's morale. Challenge your teammates to a round of golf or tennis, or invest time in training sessions and other field endeavors.

In the stadium

Your responsibilities extend beyond the field. Take charge of clearing pesky birds from the playing area, look for potential sponsors, or even consider providing a little extra incentive for the referee to tilt the odds in your favor.

When it's time to play

Show off your skills in both kicking and defending. To deliver a powerful kick, press the SPACE bar once to set your aim and press again to determine the power behind your shot. When defending, use the arrow keys to move the goalkeeper and use the SPACE bar to make a timely jump.