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Backpack Hero


In Backpack Hero, players take on the role of a backpacking hero and explore a dungeon filled with monsters and obstacles. Collect rare items to defeat enemies.

Attractive gameplay of Backpack Hero

This is a roguelike style item management strategy game. Players will control a backpack hero, explore dungeons, fight enemies, and collect items. The unique point of the game is the way the items are used. Each item in the game has a fixed location in the backpack. When the player uses an item, it will be moved to the center of the backpack. Arranging items in the backpack appropriately will help players create powerful resonance effects.

Players can arrange items in their backpacks in any way they want. This can affect how items interact with each other in battle. For example, some items can give special effects when placed next to each other. The game has five different characters to choose from, each with unique abilities and items. Players can also upgrade their characters by collecting experience points.


  • Arrange items in your backpack to create powerful resonance effects.
  • 5 different heroes with unique skill sets and abilities.
  • Random dungeons filled with enemies and challenges.
  • Co-op play mode allows you to play with friends.