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Backpack Battles


Description of Backpack Battles

Backpack Battles is a strategy game that combines roguelike elements and unique deck building. You use items in your backpack to fight enemies.

Origin of the game

Created by the talented folks at PlayWithFurcifer, this game brings a breath of fresh air to the world of auto-warriors. In 2022, the developers set out on a mission to create a game that would engage players with a unique combination of strategy and excitement.

Fast forward to May 2023, Backpack Battles was born, ready to take the gaming world by storm. Critics and players alike were captivated by its innovative gameplay and captivating design.

Your duties

When participating in the game, you will encounter a treasure trove of items, each with its own special abilities and powers. Your mission is to arrange these items strategically in your backpack, creating powerful combinations that will help you crush your opponents in battle. You'll need to think carefully about which items to equip and where to place them, exploiting the full potential of your backpack to defeat your enemies.

How to play Backpack Battle

You become a brave adventurer armed only with your own backpack. Your goal is to assemble the most powerful combination of items to defeat your opponents in battle.

Combat items

Your backpack is filled with a treasure trove of items! From weapons to potions, artifacts to companions, there's something for every adventurer. These items come in various rarities, each with its own special powers. You can get them from shops, craft them, or earn them as rewards.

Battle build

The secret to victory lies in creating powerful buildings. That means combining items intelligently to unleash their full potential. Think about which items work best together, their rarity, and where to put them in your backpack. Testing and strategy are key!

Instructional controls

You can easily navigate through menus, select items, and organize them in your backpack using your mouse or keyboard. The game's interface is extremely easy to use so you can focus on the fun things, like crushing your opponents!

Tips and tricks to win

  • Try different item combos to discover powerful synergies.
  • Pay attention to where you put things in your backpack, it can make a difference!
  • Keep an eye on your competitors' strategies and adapt yours accordingly.

All Combos

If you know how to combine items you will have an easier time winning, here are some great combos to try:

  • The Potion Master: Alchemist Flask + Philosopher's Stone + Elixir of Life = Healing and damaging enemies at the same time!
  • The Blademaster: Sword of Enlightenment + Armor of Valor + Boots of Agility = A warrior that deals massive damage and dodges attacks!
  • The Dragon Tamer: Dragon Egg + Dragon Rider's Lance + Dragon Scale Armor = Ride into battle on a dragon, breathing fiery devastation!

The Best Combinations

Whether you're a fierce warrior or a cunning mage, there's a combo for you! Here are some top picks:

  • Critwood Staff: Magic Staff + Acorn Collar = Critical hits galore!
  • Manathirst: Mana Orb + Hungry Blade = Steal your opponent's life!
  • Rainbow Goobert Omegaooze Primeslime: A legendary combo of different Gooberts that grants powerful bonuses!