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Amanda The Adventurer


Amanda The Adventurer is a unique first-person horror game. Players join the journey to discover scary mysteries in the dark house and decode difficult puzzles.

Plot in Amanda The Adventurer

  • In this game, you will play a young girl named Amanda, living in a small town. One day, Amanda's best friend, Wooly, suddenly mysteriously disappeared. Amanda is determined to find out the truth and rescue Wooly.
  • Amanda begins her investigation by exploring Wooly's abandoned house. Here, she finds some strange clues, including a secret diary and an ancient amulet. Amanda realizes that Wooly has been involved in a dark secret and that his disappearance is linked to an evil force lurking in the town.
  • Amanda continues her journey to uncover the town's dark secrets. She faces many dangers, from demonic creatures to aggressive humans. Amanda uses her wits, courage, and found items to solve puzzles, unlock new areas, and search for Wooly.
  • Amanda's journey takes her to various locations in town, including a haunted forest, an ancient church, and a secret crypt. Gradually, Amanda uncovers a dark plot to unleash an ancient evil force. Amanda must stop this plot before it's too late, and rescue Wooly from the villain.

Solve puzzles

Players must solve puzzles and face strange challenges in an escape room-style adventure. As you navigate the game, you'll encounter disturbing surprises, including a mysterious doll hidden in the attic near the TV where you're trapped. This doll holds the secrets to two important puzzles: one needed to unlock the ending, and another that reveals details about the show's story.