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2 Player Head Basketball


Description of the game 2 Player Head Basketball


2 Player Head Basketball is a basketball game for two players. You will control a character with a funny big head to throw the ball into the basket. The game has two game modes for you to choose from. If you have never played any basketball game then you can practice with AI in single player mode. If you want to compete your skills with your friends, you can invite your friends to play in two-player mode. It would be great if we played games together. Surely your friendship will become much closer.

How to play basketball

In each playground, before participating, you can set the time of a match. Pay attention to this amount of time, after the time runs out the game will end. Whichever team has more points will win. The first player uses the WASD key to move and uses the W key to throw the ball with its big head into the opponent's basket. The second player uses the arrow keys to move. Use the up arrow key to block the ball with your head and throw it.

Game modes

Single player mode

In this mode, when you start the game, you can adjust the character according to your preferences such as choosing face, skin color, hairstyle, clothes and shoes. You can also choose the type of basketball and playground you want to play on. You can also time, weather, day or night and choose the level of difficulty, easy, medium. Depending on your ability, choose the most suitable mode.

Two player mode

In this mode, the settings and adjustments are exactly the same as in single player mode. But because there are two more players, both can choose their characters according to their personal preferences. The gameplay will be the same as the single player mode but you need to prepare better mentally to fight with your friend. Wishing you and your friends will have the most wonderful relaxing moments. To play more two-player basketball games, you can join Basket Random to play more of the best basketball games today.