Penalty kick Sport Game

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Show off your kicking skills

In Penalty kick Sport Game, you will learn how to shoot the ball into the net correctly. Shoot the most spectacular shots that show your class. Align the corners as accurately as possible so that you can complete the given tasks. The goalkeeper will always move the ball back and forth and according to the rhythm, you will capture the goalkeeper's movement time to align the right angle at the right time to shoot them into the net. This is really a fun sports soccer game that you can try at any time.


Use the mouse to swipe the ball in the direction you want to shoot the ball. Swipe in the direction from the bottom up, the higher the swipe, the higher the shot, and vice versa.

Throwing tips

Try to throw the ball at a certain angle and align a certain angle. In a lifetime the goalkeeper catches the ball running to the other side, you should shoot the ball. Time the ball in advance so that the ball can safely enter the net. Wish you will complete the task excellently.

Your score will be increased over time when you throw the ball into the net. Its gameplay is quite similar to Basketball FRVR, simply shoot the ball into the net and you are successful. At each level, you have different requirements, shoot enough balls to continue with the next many exciting levels.